August 6 and 7 saw our Annual Water trials once again at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park in Pleasanton. The weather was warm but not “over the top” hot like we experienced last year, so it was a very pleasant weekend with our dogs and great company.

We had an abundance of great judges! In addition to our approved judges, Karen Pratt and Amanda Ford, we had the pleasure of having Greg Illchuk from Edmonton, Alberta serve one of his provisional assignments under Mandy’s watchful eye. All three were wonderful to work with, both from the host committee perspective and as an exhibitor.

All of our volunteers were awesome but I’d like to especially thank Trial Secretary extraordinaire, Barb Avila, for once again putting all the zillions of pieces and parts into a wonderful trial weekend. Dominick Amadeo and Pin Pin Wong, thank you for making sure we had volunteers in place for stewarding and the myriad of other tasks involved during the weekend. Linda Kelly again made sure everyone had plenty of food for breakfast and snacks during the day.

Thanks to Valerie Newman, Meg O’Hair, Ann Gaskell, Judy Berger, Kathy Simmons, George Ziemba, Kerstin Nelson, Mike and Ann Paterson, Elaine Rasmussen, Sierra Lynne White, Susan Craig, Ron Avila, Barb and Don Niemann, and John and Laura Wilson.

And, of course, Carl Craig and Chris Rasmussen who seemed to be everywhere doing everything including the always impressive job of placing and removing the markers with those super heavy buckets of cement that hold them in place! And an extra shout-out to Carl for the beautiful new paint job on our boat!

2016 Water Trial Qualifiers!

ApprenticeSurferDacher’s Yonder Southern CrossMeg O'Hair
WorkingFaroTopnotch Faro De Algarve BN OA AXJ OF AWDCecily Ward
CourierJaggerCH Cutwater Jagger's Platinum Record BN RE OA NAJ OF CGC WWDJenna Bullis
KeevaCH Cutwater Bad Moon Rising BN RA NAJ CGC WWDJenna Bullis
ReggieCH Maritimo's Regio RedKathy Simmons
VersatilityTripMACH7 Cutwater Trident Triple Threat MXS3 MJB3 FTC2 MFB3 TQX T2B13 CWDXRon Avila
VersatilityBacchusGCH CH Cortereal Iron Man VCD2 BN MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF MFX T2B3 RATN CWDXJudy Berger
CourierJaggerCH Cutwater Jagger's Platinum Record BN RE OA NAJ OF CGC WWDJenna Bullis
BeejCutwater Day Dreamin' Boy TD OA MXJ MXF T2B CWDGeorge Ziemba
WorkingChill ELyngar's Hurry Up and Slow Me Down BN RN OA AXJ XF CGC AWDJudy Berger
SailorDacher's Teak For Two in Malibu RN WWDMeg O'Hair
ApprenticeJackGCH CH Seaisle Captain Jack Sparrow RN BNKathy Souza
JuniorRioRustyco RiverdanceCarol Kupec

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