First, DOWNLOAD THE 2019 WATER TRIAL PREMIUM AND READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER!  NO EXCUSES!! It has important information that you need to know and you can’t find anywhere else.  It also has links to the online entry form, and pages to order T-shirts, meals, and extras!

Entries open on Wednesday, June 19.  The trial will take place on August 2, 3, and 4, and our judge will be John Brock.  Junior may be judged on Friday afternoon.  The trial continues with Apprentice through Master on Saturday.  There are no move-ups allowed between Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, all levels will be tested.


Do you have a senior PWD that loves to work in the water but is now retired from water competition? Well, the 2019 PWDCNC Water Trial has the perfect event for you! Announcing the first PWDCNC Specialty Senior Water Dog Challenge – Hooray!
The challenge consists of 4 exercises that are based on traditional PWDCA Water Trial exercises that have been modified to accommodate older dogs that may not have the jumping ability nor the stamina of their younger years.  To learn all about it, CLICK HERE.

There are two ways to enter the trial.  We hope that you will use the ONLINE trial entry!  It saves the trees and is easier for everyone.  No stamp, no envelope, and no trip to the mail box or post office!!


The easiest and preferred way to enter is online at the PWDCNC website.  Go to the Water Trial Entry Form and just fill out the fields.  Then click the “Submit” button to send your entry to me.  You will receive an immediate preliminary confirmation email and will be taken to a “Thank You” page.  From there, you may click on a link to take you back to the Water Trial Entry page so that you can enter another dog.  Or, if you are done entering dogs, click the link to take you to the PWDCNC store to pay your entry fee.  Add your fees and then press the  “Add to Cart” button.  You will be taken to your shopping cart.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase Meals and Extras.  Or use the menu at the right (on every Water Trial page) to navigate. When you have added everything to your cart, confirm your order and click “proceed to checkout” to be taken to a page where you can securely pay all your fees at once.  You may pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account.  That’s all there is to it!

NOTE!  You will not be entered in the trial until I receive your payment!

NOTE!  If you are entering Courier or Master and will be using a Substitute Steward, and your Substitute Steward is NOT entering the trial as a handler, your Substitute Steward will need to submit a Substitute Steward Participation Agreement form.


If you absolutely do not want to use the online system, email me at [email protected] and I will send you a Mail-In form.  But, please, give the online entry a try.  It’s simple!