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Save the date! Densie Gilbert will be holding another one of her fabulous workshops January 31, 2015 at Happiness Country Kennels. Learn lots of tips about how to groom your PWD pet!

PWDCNC Members Only!

Portuguese Water Dog
Grooming Seminar & Demonstration

Space is Limited – Sign-up Today!
When: Saturday January 31, 2015

Where: Happiness Country Kennels
5815 Mission Rd.
Sunol, CA 94586

Fees: $30/person

The seminar will include a sit-down session with an extensive discussion covering: equipment, bathing/ brushing/ drying tips, clipping your dog’s nails, preventing and removing mats, the basics of what you want your dog to look like and common mistakes made in grooming a PWD. The highlight will be a demonstration of a pet retriever cut. At the end Denise will do quick ‘touch-up’ grooms on the heads of selected dogs owned by members of the audience.

This session is helpful both to those that want to groom their dogs and those that take their dogs to a groomer. Perhaps you want to educate your groomer as to what a Portuguese Water Dog should look like. Perhaps you want to learn how to prevent, or get rid of mats before you bring your dog to the groomer to reduce what you are charged, or prevent your dog from being shaved down. Perhaps you want to learn to trim your dog between groomings so you can see their eyes! Maybe you already know how to groom your dog and just need a refresher.


The Workshop will be given by Denise Gilbert, a PWDCNC member. Denise has been grooming Portuguese Water Dogs in her spare time for the last 10 years. She was so frustrated with the poor cuts her own Portuguese Water Dog was getting she learned how to groom.

**PWDCNC Members Only **
To register, please send your email address, phone number and a check payable to PWDCNC to:
Denise Gilbert, 5 Woodfern St., Portola Valley, CA 94028

Questions: contact Denise at [email protected]

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