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PWDCNC FCAT Learn and Run
and Ice Cream Party

Saturday, July 9th
after 1:00 PM following the AKC FCAT

If your PWD can run to you, they can do FCAT!

PWDCNC is hosting an AKC FCAT on July 9/10 in conjunction with the agility trial @ Prunedale.

After the All Breed FCAT test is complete, we will start PWDCNC Learn and Run session. All PWDs will receive the Club sponsored training. Pups and handlers will receive dog-friendly ice cream cups and ice cream bars to reward their efforts.

What is FCAT? It is Fast Coursing Ability Test, a timed 100-yard dash. Each dog runs individually in a fenced course chasing a lure. A “releaser” holds the dog at one end and the “catcher” (PWD’s favorite person) is at the other end. The catcher can call and cheer to encourage the run.

It takes about 10 minutes to teach your PWD and then do a practice run. If you want to do 2 competitive runs and start earning points for an FCAT title, you pre-enter for $20.00/run, or on the day of entry, it is $30.00/run. Dogs must be over 12 months to compete in the AKC FCAT and you must have an AKC registration number. Entries and premium list at

Go to AKC FCAT for rules and videos.

Manzanita Sports Complex: 17100 Castroville Blvd, Prunedale, CA 93907

Questions and RSVP by July 3: Janis Welsh 408-564-1290 [email protected]
Volunteers are needed for both Saturday and Sunday to assist with the event.

No experience necessary!

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