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Support our club by participating or volunteering in the PWDCNC’s first Scent Work Trial! Our Trial is open to all breeds; basically, any dog who is eligible to participate in an AKC event may participate. We’ve included Friday’s Scent Work Premium above for those who’d like to enter 2 trials during Del Valle Weekend (the trial on 10-19-18 is not sponsored by the PWDCNC).

The sport of Scent Work celebrates the joy of sniffing, and asks a dog to sniff to their heart’s content; turning your PWD’s favorite activity into a rewarding game. It is a terrific sport for all kinds of dogs, and is a wonderful way to build confidence in a shy dog.

In so many dog sports, the handler is in control–but this isn’t true in Scent Work. Neither the dog nor handler knows where the target odor is hidden. The handler has to rely on the dog, and follow the dog’s nose to success. In Scent Work, it is the canine who is the star of the show.

The sport of Scent Work is based on the work of professional detection dogs (such as drug dogs), employed by humans to detect a wide variety of scents and substances. In AKC Scent Work, dogs search for cotton swabs saturated with the essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. The cotton swabs are hidden out of sight in a pre-determined search area, and the dog has to find them. Teamwork is necessary: when the dog finds the scent, he has to communicate the find to the handler, who calls it out to the judge.

The PWDCNC is licensed by the AKC to hold Scent Work Trials. Check it out!

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