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2020 Water Work Practice Information
Registration will open on SuperSaas April 20.

Water practice cancelled due to continued COVID-19 related park closure.

COVID-19 Information regarding Water Practice – 2020 water practice will ONLY be held if shelter-in-place restrictions have been lifted and Shadow Cliffs Regional Park is reopened to the public.  We must also wait for permission from the Park Superintendent to begin, then get the equipment delivered to the lake.

This sign-up process is being done in the hopes that we will have the opportunity to practice at least part of the season but does not guarantee that practices will happen.  Should shelter in place continue and/or the park remains closed there will be no practice allowed.  Once you’ve made your reservation(s) you will be notified by email once we are cleared to begin practice.

The PWDCNC supports preserving the working heritage of the Portuguese Water Dog by offering water practice throughout the summer and 2 water trials the 1st weekend in August.

Everything you ever wanted to know about PWDCNC Water Practice…

The PWDCNC website has a significant amount of information about water work and more if you click around for just a few minutes.

HOW TO FIND:  At right is how you locate info on water work at https://pwdcnc.org:

WHAT YOU’LL FIND (Everyone who practices or is considering practicing should read this!)

  • History of the working PWD
  • Testing
  • The Water Trial Manual
  • Practice Info
  • Practice Signup link to Super SAAS
  • 10 Commandments of Water Practice
  • New to Water Work? A great guide!
  • At the bottom of the page, direct links

Once again we will be using SuperSaas for our on-line reservations.  You can access the link to SuperSaas from the website or at: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/PWDCNC/PWDCNC_Water_Practice.  If you’ve never used the system, or if it tells you that you don’t have an account, please go through the steps to setup a free account with SuperSaas.

In the off-season previously established accounts may have disappeared, please just sign up for a new account.  While you’re going through the registration, or if already registered, please carefully read the rules pertaining to park use and practice.  Those rules will be actively enforced all season long.

  • Monday Sessions – Please note that the Monday session is open to all but features teams at Courier and Master level training.  Those signing up for Mondays should be able to row to help with the multiple boats needed.
  • Friday Sessions – Friday session will be offered every other week.  Elaine and Chris Rasmussen will be leading this with the goal of introducing new teams to water work.  Please contact Elaine at [email protected] to let her know which Fridays you are interested in.

Note that this does not mean that new teams are only welcome Fridays!  It is anticipated that all the sessions will have one or more experienced handlers working their dogs who will be happy to help new handlers learn about water work!

Practice tentatively begins Tuesday May 26 and continue through the end of September. –

Possible delays to start of practice –  Again, practice will only begin when shelter in place is lifted, the park reopens for visitors, we have permission from the Park Superintendent to practice, and deliver the equipment to the park.

C’mon, give water work a try! We’re always happy to talk about water work! Call or write Kathy or Elaine for more info…our phone numbers are on the website.


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