PWDCNC Hosts Jumpin’ June Nights Agility Trial

If you love agility, you should have attended the Jumpin’ June Nights trial at Terry LeClair’s Heath Bar Ranch in Shingle Springs June 12-14. Nestled under the trees in the foothills of the Sierra, this three-day event ran Tuesday through Thursday, with one day (June 14 this year) hosted by our club. The really unique feature of this event is the start time-3 p.m.! For late risers and teams who just want to beat the heat, this is the perfect venue. Set up is under the trees, so no need for canopies. Judge Dan Butcher’s courses were challenging and fun, and Dan was so supportive of all the teams. The single ring was on grass, and the courses were cleverly nested so the course changes were quick and efficient. All in all, it was a very mellow and congenial gathering.

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