Pre-Order Raffle Tickets


Raffle Ticket Pre-Orders!

We need your support for the raffle and auction. These activities help finance our specialty and make it a fun event.

  • Get raffle tickets at an earlybird discount to improve your chances! Raffle items will be available to view throughout the day this year. Raffle will close after Best of Breed. Note:  Raffle ticket prices on the day of the show will be:  1 Ticket – $1.00   •   5 Tickets — $5.00   •   22 Tickets — $20.00
  • There is also a Live Auction that will take place at the conclusion of the dinner. Items are available to view during dinner. Last year was a ton of fun! Credit Cards accepted.

Your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated to make this a successful event!

Complete the form below and submit it by November 1, 2019 to pre-order raffle tickets and pledge a raffle and/or auction item.

Regional Specialty Raffle Ticket Pre-Orders and Raffle/Auction Pledge