Water Trial Extras!

Water Trial Extras!


Need EXTRA Duckies or Goody Bags for you or a friend?  Need to Pay for a Friday Practice Slot?  Don’t be left out!

Every dog entered in the water trial will receive a Goody Bag and a Ducky.  Additional Goody Bags and Duckies are available to purchase in advance.

Goody Bag Donations

Cash donations to help us finance our Goody Bags are greatly appreciated.  Donate in $5 increments.  To pledge a goody bag item (we need approximately 55 of each item), contact Anne Paterson at [email protected] or 408-368-0592.

Join Our Ducky Derby!

Each dog will receive one of our “collector” PWDCNC duckies in their welcome Goody Bag.  For a $5.00 cash donation at the trial, you can write the name of your dog on the bottom of the duck and place it in the Ducky Derby. At the end of testing on Saturday, all the duckies will be gathered up and set adrift in the lake.  If you would like your dog to swim out to choose a duck, you can place his or her name in the drawing.  The chosen dogs will each take a turn swimming out to bring back a duck.  First, second, and third place winners will receive a cash prize!  There will be very few ducks available for visitors to purchase at the trial.  So, Pre-order EXTRA duckies here!

Pay for Your Pre-Trial Practice Slot!

Sign up for a Pre-Trial Practice Slot and pay for it here.  The cost is $5 per 15 minute slot.  See the premium for more details.

And Don’t Forget to Order Your All That Jazz T-shirts!!

Use this link for easy ordering!



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