The PWDCNC Annual Picnic was held on Saturday, May 16, at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park in Pleasanton. Approximately 90 club members and friends gathered for the fun-filled picnic. Everyone had a great time socializing and eating in perfect picnic weather!

Attendees and their dogs were also able to try a few water work exercises, a 3-level rally course, and a short agility course. No experience was necessary. Skilled PWDCNC members were on hand to show newbies the ropes.

An event like this cannot be put on without lots of help, and our wonderful club members came through loud and clear.

Thanks to everyone who brought either a delectable dessert or a special side dish. They were all yummy! Special thanks to our gourmet chefs, Mike Paterson and Kevin Tennyck, along with Sous Chef, Anne Paterson.

Enjoying great food!

To everyone who helped out: A Great Big THANK YOU!! It would be impossible to put on an event like this without a ton of volunteers. It’s just great to see everyone pitching in.

Thank you very much!

Ann Gaskell
Programs Chair

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