Regional Specialty Health Tent

PWDCNC is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of $2000 by, whose mission is to promote responsible and ethical dog breeding and to improve the health and well-being of our canine friends.
At our Regional Specialty in Napa on November 12, 2021, PWDCNC will have a Health Tent, providing testing via PennGen (JDCM, Microphthalmia) and Wisdom Health/Optimal Selection (PRA, EOPRA, GM-1, Improper Coat) and DNA analysis through AKC. The Good Dog grant monies will be applied to discounts on these tests.
More information on the testing and procedures will be provided by PWDCNC e-blasts throughout the summer. If you would like to ensure participation, please contact Julie Conger ([email protected]) so that we can get a reasonable estimate of how many dogs will be tested.
Discounts will be available for:
a) DNA testing through AKC
b) testing of PRA, EOPRA, GM-1 and Improper Coat through Wisdom Health/Optimal
Selection – (discount not available till after October 21, 2021)

c) JDCM and Microphthalmia through PennGen

GOOD DOG ( ) has generously given us a $2000 grant which we will apply to further discounts on Microphthalmia testing of your dogs.

We will be testing and collecting the swabs and will submit them with the proper paperwork and monies.
What you will need to bring with you for the testing:
1) Your dog’s registration
2) Your checkbook
3) Your dog
Julie will contact you later in the summer to let you how to generate the appropriate paperwork.
If you have not signed up in advance but want your dog tested at the Health Clinic, we will be able to assist you with the AKC and PennGen testing. However, Optimal Selection tests would not be available since they require previous establishment of an account and sending a kit to the dog owner.
 We would like to thank Julie Conger for her hard work and dedication in putting this together.
Several PWDCNC breeders are already members of Good Dog and we encourage you to view the website and in particular the section on Standards and Screening. We are honored to receive this grant and by the recognition we received in the granting document: “We are so inspired by your efforts and honored to support you as you make the world a better place for our dogs and the people who love them.”