It’s time to shake off the ring nerves and get ready for the Water Trial that will be here before we know it! The ring will be set up just like at an actual Water Trial – baby gates, full size ring, EZ-Ups, etc. If you are new to water trials (or even if you’re not!), this is an excellent time to dispel any nervousness and see what you & your dog are ready for and those areas you still need to work on before the trial. Prior to each level, there will be a handlers’ briefing by the “judge.” You will be “judged” by Karen Pratt, as well as receiving a one-on-one critique with a “seasoned” water trainer shortly after you are judged.

It takes a team to run a trial. A big team, with lots of helpers (stewards) to set up,  execute the actual trial, etc. Match entrants will also learn how to be a trial steward, so plan on stewarding at some time during match. Those not new to water trials, please help train new stewards, or assist with a position you’ve never worked before.

Important Water Match Information

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