Activities for PWDs (and their owners)

Portuguese Water Dogs (and their owners!) are most happy when they are kept busy. Our club provides many different outlets for our members to keep our dogs busy, and therefore hopefully out of mischief! Our members keep their dogs busy in the following activities:

Join us! The PWDCNC holds fun events for humans and their PWDs throughout the year. Activities include Picnics, Workshops, Water Practices, PWD Specialty and Supported Entry Events and more. |  Learn more! >>
Canine obstacle courses, intended for dog & handler to work accurately and quickly  |  Learn more! >>
Traditional dog shows, where dogs are judged against the breed standard  |  Learn more! >>
K9 Nose Work® is a fun searching and scenting activity appropriate for almost all dogs and all people.  |  Learn more! >>
Dogs demonstrate their ability to obey their handler on command  |  Learn more! >>
Dogs & their handlers visit various settings to bring comfort to people in need  |  Learn more! >>
Dogs follow a course laid down by scent to locate an object  |  Learn more! >>
Dogs simulate the tasks that they would have historically performed for the Portuguese fishermen  |  Learn more! >>


Our dogs are so smart and versatile that it doesn’t stop there.  Other activities enjoyed by PWDs and their owners include dock diving, herding, flyball, carting, hunting, service dogs, and search & rescue.

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