PWDCNC Club Officers

Ann Gaskell
Ann GaskellPresident
I joined the PWDCNC in 2003, became active in 2007, and have been on the PWDCNC board, in various positions, since 2009. I am also the Programs Chair and a Member of the PWDCNC Water Committee.

I got my first PWD, Scamp, in 1993. Scamp was the family dog, my second son and my son’s little brother. Scamp definitely trained us. In 2006 I got my wonderful Norman. I decided that I would train the dog this time instead of the other way around. It is still questionable who is training who, but at least Norman and I are having fun. We compete in Obedience, Rally, PWD Water Work and Barn Hunt. We also do therapy dog visits. Norman is certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He is also certified with the therapy dog program at El Camino Hospital in Mt. View where we make weekly visits. Nationally, I am a member of both the PWDCA Seizure Committee and the PWDCA Gastrointestinal (IBD) Committee.

I love the PWD breed with their wonderful and crazy personalities combined with their hilarious antics. The club members also have wonderful personalities and are lots of fun to work with. I really enjoy my volunteer time with the PWDCNC and the PWDCA.

Janis Welsh
Janis WelshVice President
Cathy Lydon
Cathy LydonRecording Secretary
In 2009 I began my adventure with Portuguese Water Dogs by purchasing my first dog from Karen and Lloyd D’Augusta. I have the distinct honor of owning the only puppy that Lloyd ever sold. Lloyd told me two things, one, I was going to love this dog and in three years I would have a pretty good dog.
I was looking for a dog that would be my companion and found so much more. Kiley, as this pup became known, launched me into a world that has changed my life. Together we have trained in Water, Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Conformation. These experiences have provided me with lifelong friends and wonderful opportunities. I also worked with Kiley’s mother, Dancer to qualify us as a Therapy Dog Team.
Kiley’s brother, Comet, went on to be a Grand Champion and Top Twenty dog. I had the privilege of working with his owner Lisa Gallow, and his handler, Chloe Lete, who taught me so much and became more family than friends.
Working with Karen D’Augusta I have the opportunity, to now co-own several dogs, whelp litters and continue to train and share my life with these amazing dogs.
I was a member of the winning Obedience Team at the 2016 National Specialty in Monterey. I was responsible for hospitality at sponsored Club events and serve on the Star Award Committee and now on the PWDCNC Board.
Professionally, I grew up in the Catering business working for my father, later working in accounting, and software, and now have followed my father into the Grocery business. I am currently working as the Sr. Project Manager, for Infrastructure, Network, and Security in Information Technology at The Save Mart Companies, which includes Save Mart, Lucky, Lucky California, Food Maxx, & Smart Trucking.
My life is rich and fulfilled with my PWD’s and the lifelong friends that they have brought to me. I am so grateful that they are so generous to share their dogs with me. I am looking forward to the future, working with this Club, its members, and their dogs.
Casey Ingram
Casey IngramCorresponding Secretary
If, in January of 2016 my crystal ball had predicted what we’d be doing in 2019 I would have brought it in for servicing! At the time, my husband Lew and I were retiring from our nursing careers at UC Davis. Having lost our last rescue dog at 14, we knew we wanted to start fresh with a purebred puppy and the Portuguese Water Dog definitely made the short list. Having a lifetime of experience with both mixed breed and purebred rescues, we were pretty certain we’d seen it all in terms of dog personality types and behaviors but nothing could have prepared us for life with a PWD! They are truly one of a kind special characters and now, we can’t imagine life without them.

We got our first, Surfari’s Jagged Edge (Jags) that spring. Jags was a show prospect and we were fortunate to be able to travel with our breeder while he gained his conformation championship. We added a girl pup, Surfari’s American River Sweetheart (River) to the family in spring of 2018. Both dogs are active in Rally, are just beginning water work, and creating the type of mischief only a PWD can. Sharing our lives with Jags and River has certainly given us an appreciation of preservation and purpose bred dogs; and, the breeders who spend their lives ensuring their lines carry only the best attributes. As well, being among other people who love this breed that have done such remarkable jobs in promoting the PWD in conformation and performance is so satisfying. We have both learned so much in the past three years and look forward to many more experiences.

I am pleased to be your Health and Education co-chair and your Corresponding Secretary. It is my hope to use my years of healthcare and administrative experience to fill both roles effectively. I am looking forward to working with our PWDCNC membership and our board.

Bill Waters
Bill WatersTreasurer
We have always had dogs in our lives and we found ourselves missing the companionship of an active, intelligent, and engaged dog after the passing of our sixteen year old Dalmatian, Doogie, in 2005. Shortly after that, we began our search for the perfect combination of intelligence, strength, and drive all of which had to come in a non-shedding exterior. Little did we know the Perfectly Wonderful Dog also known as the PWD or Portuguese Water Dog would lead us down such an exciting path. Since then we have become actively involved in training, showing, and competing with this amazing breed. Most importantly we get to experience the daily joy of having these amazing dogs in our lives.
Each year, we journey to our Regional and National Specialties to participate in conformation and also for the camaraderie of fellow PWD people. This presents a unique opportunity to learn about this breed, develop relationships, and interact with others who are committed to the health, well being, and betterment of our water dogs and of the fancy.
We remain actively engaged in training, grooming, and competing. And we can always find time for hikes and adventures with our pack. Most importantly these dogs are part of our home and family. When not training, traveling and competing, our pack can be found running around the property, on a neighborhood walk, attentively at our heels, or nestled in the couch pillows. Or, at times, counter surfing the kitchen, a skill at which they demonstrate innate adeptness.

PWDCNC Club Directors

Carol Irving
Carol IrvingDirector
Carol Kupec
Carol KupecDirector
Dominick Amadeo
Dominick AmadeoDirector
Julie Conger
Julie CongerDirector
Elaine Rasmussen
Elaine RasmussenPast President

PWDCNC Club Committee Chairs

Linda BirdwellMembership Chair
Ann Gaskell
Ann GaskellPrograms
Julie Conger
Julie CongerRescue & Relocation
Carol Irving
Carol Irving2020 Regional Specialty
Frank and Margaret Dietrich
Frank and Margaret DietrichWavies and Curlies Editors

PWDCNC Club Performance Committee Chairs

Kathy Weinberg
Kathy WeinbergAgility
Becky Morin
Becky MorinConformation
Ann Gaskell
Ann GaskellObedience/Rally
Anne Paterson
Anne PatersonObedience/Rally
Kathy Souza
Kathy SouzaScent Work
Kathy Souza
Kathy SouzaWater