PWDCNC Club Officers

Rebecca Morin
Rebecca MorinPresident
I have been involved with animals my entire life. As a child we had a toy poodle then a Boxer but had to give him to friends when we moved to Taiwan in 1968. While in Taiwan we had a variety of dogs, birds, horses, snakes, lizard, guinea pigs and even a water buffalo. We rescued a fox Terrier/Spitz cross after a big typhoon and later bought a Lhasa Apso. As a child I took care of the school’s guard dogs and their puppies (German Shepherds) because I so enjoyed all interactions with animals.

We returned to the US in the later part of 1970’s and brought our Lhasa and fox terrier cross with us. The family landed in Pennsylvania where I immediately found a neighbor who bred English Setters and helped him out on weekends. I bought my first dog at 19 while attending college. Chinook CD WTD was an Alaskan Malamute which got me involved in sled dog racing, weight pull and packing. In the early 80’s I started looking for a second breed and focused on Otterhounds and Portuguese Water Dogs. I met Bandido do Mar at our Malamute Specialty in the early 80’s (Doc and Dawn Woods owned Malamutes) and loved him. They offered him to me when they were getting out of water dogs however I was afraid to bring an adult PWD into a home with nine adult Malamutes, so I had to pass. I sought long and hard and with the help of Deyanne Miller I contacted Kathryn Braund (Roughrider) and Mickey (CH Roughrider Pescador De Toraq CD) came into my life in 1987. At the time I was a Commercial Whitewater guide living on the South Fork of the American river and Mickey soon became a hit with the customers at camp and on the river. A short year later Maddie (CH Roughriders Madeira De Toraq CD) joined the home and then Corrie (CH Xacara Do Mar CD) from Sonya Santos (Do Mar), was welcomed in 1990. Mickey and Maddie both ran on my team with Mickey running lead and Maddie point.

I bred my first litter in 1990 and the rest is history. I have enjoyed conformation, tracking, water, agility, weight pull, back packing, rally, obedience, nose work, barn hunt, trick dog and dock diving with my dogs. Now that my children are all adults, I can travel to our National Specialties and give more time to the breed I love. I look forward to working with the Board and membership to highlight our lovely dogs and enjoy time with friends and fellow enthusiasts. I currently live with 6 PWD’s aged 1- 12 yrs, a Ridgeback, 2 kittens and 7 finches.

Ann Gaskell
Ann GaskellVice President
I joined the PWDCNC in 2003, became active in 2007, and have been on the PWDCNC board, in various positions, since 2009. I am also the Programs Chair and a Member of the PWDCNC Water Committee.

I got my first PWD, Scamp, in 1993. Scamp was the family dog, my second son and my son’s little brother. Scamp definitely trained us. In 2006 I got my wonderful Norman. I decided that I would train the dog this time instead of the other way around. It is still questionable who is training who, but at least Norman and I are having fun. We compete in Obedience, Rally, PWD Water Work and Barn Hunt. We also do therapy dog visits. Norman is certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He is also certified with the therapy dog program at El Camino Hospital in Mt. View where we make weekly visits. Nationally, I am a member of both the PWDCA Seizure Committee and the PWDCA Gastrointestinal (IBD) Committee.

I love the PWD breed with their wonderful and crazy personalities combined with their hilarious antics. The club members also have wonderful personalities and are lots of fun to work with. I really enjoy my volunteer time with the PWDCNC and the PWDCA.

Janis Welsh
Janis WelshTreasurer
I have always had pets and animals in my life. Starting with poodles and horses while I was growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Once I was married and had children my husband and I spent several years being transferred with his company to Toronto, New Jersey and then San Jose. My husband spent considerable time travelling and we needed a large dog in the house, but our son had allergies. My research led me to PWDs. That is when our world changed! I connected with Chuck Teasley and soon Poppy came into our lives. Poppy introduced me to dog sports and the great people of the Northern California PWD Club.
As a breed I could not have asked for anything more, Poppy was a companion to me and the kids, a guard dog, and the ultimate performance dog. She loves to work, doing tracking, obedience, agility and water. Once we became involved in water work, the highlight of my summers was joining club members on the row boats at ShadowCliff park. In my business as apartment Property Manager, Poppy or Jack are working with me most days, they are gentle with children, regulars in Home Depot, favorites with residents and always “have my back” when I respond to disturbances.
If 1 PWD is good, 2 must be better and 3 even better than that. Jack came to us 6 years ago and filled our lives as a lover boy, and recently Violet, a dynamo! Over the years I have volunteered in various dog club positions of the Santa Clara Dog Training Club (tracking and obedience), been Vice President and trial chairfor Palo Alto Hills Tracking Club, Tracking Chair for the 2016PWD National Specialty, board member and Vice President of the PWDCNC (2017 – 2020)
My husband, Chris, has retired and the kids are grown and spread over Western US and Canada. As of last year, we have chosen to leave the busy Bay Area. Chris, the pack and I are splitting our time between Truckee, California and Scottsdale, Arizona.
Casey Ingram
Casey IngramRecording Secretary
After retiring from long Nursing careers at UC Davis Heath System, my husband Lew and I decided it was finally time to enjoy raising a dog from puppyhood. After years of taking on primarily adult mixed breed rescue dogs, the appeal of a purebred dog could not be denied. We looked into a number of breeds and the Portuguese Water Dog was one that seemed would be a good fit for our new lifestyle. As luck would have it, a good friend who was already in the “dog showing” world knew of a PWD breeder. Little did we know what a life changing circumstance this was to be!

In 2016, Surfari’s Jagged Edge (Jags) came to us as a 9 week old puppy and we’ve never looked back. We had the good fortune to travel with his breeders, Mike and Lynn McCallum to watch both he and his sister Surfari’s Frankly My Dear (Frankie), gain their championships. We quickly found how fun it was to be among people who all shared the same passion we came to develop for these wonderfully unique dogs. In 2018 Jags’ cousin Surfari’s American River Sweetheart (River) joined our family.

We have the good fortune to travel extensively in our RV with both dogs for pleasure, and to attended Regional and National events. Jags competes (sort of….) in Rally and Water Work, while River has taken to both Scent Work and if her mood is right (it’s a girl thing) Rally. Both are very special members of the family we treasure more and more each day.

It takes special “dog” people to really appreciate and bring out the best in these amazing creatures. Being part of the PWDCNC family has given us great pleasure and endless learning opportunities. Looking forward to more in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your Recording Secretary, I’ll look forward to seeing you and your pups!

Lisa MacKenzie
Lisa MacKenzieCorresponding Secretary
I grew up with cats. I didn’t get my first dog until I was an adult. He was a PWD and I stole him!  Actually, Clipper (Toraq) belonged to my friend, who ultimately became my husband.  Rob had a few PWDs in his life and introduced me to Clipper when he was a baby.  We bonded instantly and I would often “borrow” Clipper on the weekends so my kids and I could have a dog. Those weekends turned into weeks… and then when Clipper was three, Rob and I got married. We gained another Toraq PWD, Hobiecat, and an Alaskan Malamute named Neeka (thanks to Becky).  My son and I trained our dogs as Therapy Dogs through TDI.  We didn’t know about activities like water work and scent work. I wish I had known about them at the time, but we kept very active with them at the beach, lake, and pool.  Even the Malamute thought she was a waterdog. They were a great pack.

I now have Oliver (Toraq N’ Legado) who is a beautiful brown boy.  We finished his Championship in conformation, have been to two water trials where he earned  his Junior Waterdog, and we do scentwork. I also have a Boston Terrier named Maverick who we lovingly call “the goat” because he’s always in-tow with Oliver. And, I still have a 19 year old cat, Emma, who is going strong and has ruled every dog in the house.

PWDCNC Club Directors

Susan Craig
Susan CraigDirector they are in the SECOND year of two year terms
My husband Carl and I currently have 2 PWDs. We have had 5 over the years since 1997 when Carl came home one day and said he wanted a dog. Carl had had dogs all during his childhood and teen years and missed that companionship.
Since an adult, I’ve had dog allergies and after research on several breeds, we decided on the PWD as a dog I could live with. I have to admit, I was secretly hoping he chose a PWD of all the hypoallergenic breeds, since I thought they were by far
The cutest. We never really planned on getting involved in dog performance, but our first PWD was pretty smart and we needed mental stimulation for her (in self-defense). Soon agility, obedience, water and rally followed, with Carl doing most of the
trialing, and me assisting with training.  I have done obedience and rally with our dogs over the years, and most recently gotten into Scent Work with our older dog (Moxsea).
I’ve been a member of PWDCNC since 1998 and previously served as Corresponding Secretary. This is my second time around as a Director.
Gail Browne-McDonald
Gail Browne-McDonaldDirector they are in the SECOND year of two year terms
I have been involved in PWDs since 1996, past Director and pastTreasurer of the PWDCNC. I currently have three PWDS
“Leaf” CH Alto Mare Nino’s White Serenade, “Cassie” Ch Alto Mare Cassiopeia, and “Moo” CH Alto Mare Moorific at Farallon. I enjoy conformation and watching water trials and hope to get in the water some day.
Kathy Souza
Kathy SouzaDirector this is the FIRST year of a two year term
Bill Waters
Bill WatersImmediate Past President
We have always had dogs in our lives and we found ourselves missing the companionship of an active, intelligent, and engaged dog after the passing of our sixteen year old Dalmatian, Doogie, in 2005. Shortly after that, we began our search for the perfect combination of intelligence, strength, and drive all of which had to come in a non-shedding exterior. Little did we know the Perfectly Wonderful Dog also known as the PWD or Portuguese Water Dog would lead us down such an exciting path. Since then we have become actively involved in training, showing, and competing with this amazing breed. Most importantly we get to experience the daily joy of having these amazing dogs in our lives.
Each year, we journey to our Regional and National Specialties to participate in conformation and also for the camaraderie of fellow PWD people. This presents a unique opportunity to learn about this breed, develop relationships, and interact with others who are committed to the health, well being, and betterment of our water dogs and of the fancy.
We remain actively engaged in training, grooming, and competing. And we can always find time for hikes and adventures with our pack. Most importantly these dogs are part of our home and family. When not training, traveling and competing, our pack can be found running around the property, on a neighborhood walk, attentively at our heels, or nestled in the couch pillows. Or, at times, counter surfing the kitchen, a skill at which they demonstrate innate adeptness.
Dominick Amadeo
Dominick AmadeoDirector this is the FIRST year of a two year term
I am Dominick Amadeo and I am a Board Member of the PWDNC.
My wife Carol and I have been members for 5 years, We have a 11 month old PWD His name is Sebastiano Del Mare. His call name is Tiano.

PWDCNC Club Committee Chairs

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Becky MorinConformation Chair
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Co-Chair: Margaret Dietrich HEALTH AND EDUCATION
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Ann Gaskell PROGRAMS
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PWDCNC Club Performance Chairs

Debbie PriceAGILITY Co-Chair
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Leslie HoltAGILITY Co-Chair
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Ann GaskellOBEDIENCE & RALLY Co-Chair
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Anne Paterson OBEDIENCE & RALLY Co-Chair
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Kathy Souza SCENT WORK
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Kathy Souza WATER WORK
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Wavies & Curlies

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Frank and Margaret Dietrich EDITORIAL BOARD
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Elaine RasmussenADVISORY BOARD
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