The Breeder Referral List will renew on April 1 each year.  A completed application and fee must be received for inclusion on the list.  You may apply at any time of year and your information will be added to the list.  But there is no pro-rating of the fee.

The fee for a one-year listing (from April 1 to March 31) is $50.00.

Complete the following form and you will be directed to our payment page after submission. If you prefer to pay by check, you will find instructions in your submission confirmation email.

Breeder Referral Agreement Application-

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  • Breeders Agreement


    I wish to be included on the PWDCNC Breeder Referral List. I have been a Regular member of the PWDCNC for at least one year and have provided information on all of my dogs to the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Health and Litter Database. I agree to abide by the following code. 

    1. I have read and am familiar with the AKC Breed Standard for the Portuguese Water Dog and will do my best to breed dogs which fit that description. 
    2. I will maintain my dogs in an environment conducive to fostering their proper physical and mental health and well-being. 
    3. I will provide to prospective owners, prior to a transfer or sale, all health information on the sire and dam of puppies or dogs I have for sale or placement. In lieu of actual copies of health testing, a detailed summary which includes test results and certificate numbers may be substituted. If the buyer so requests, copies will be provided. This health information will include the OFA, GM 1, OptiGen (PRA), current annual CERF ratings and JDCM test results as well as AKC DNA Certification. If one or both of the parent dogs do not have certain of these ratings, the prospective owners will be so advised. If either parent is known to be affected with, or is known to have produced get with a health problem, including but not limited to Addison’s disease, hair loss or PRA, or is an obligate carrier of PRA or Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy, the prospective owners will be advised. For use of frozen semen of a deceased dog, health certifications must have been in accordance with the PWDCA health policy in effect at the time of the dog’s death. If an adult dog is being sold or transferred, the same information will be provided on that dog as well as its parents. 
    4. I will deal honestly with the owner of a stud dog servicing my brood bitch or the owner of a brood bitch being serviced by my stud dog and will provide all health information as stated in Section 3 of this code. I will encourage owners of stud dogs I use or brood bitches who use my stud dog to participate in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Health and Litter Database. 
    5. I will provide a written contract or agreement for the sale or placement of each puppy/dog and will include all pertinent health information in said contract or agreement. This is for my own protection as well as the puppy/dog involved and the new owners. 
    6. I will do my best to adequately query prospective owners prior to the sale or placement of a puppy/dog.  I will do so to ensure that every puppy/dog will have a life with dignity, freedom from fear and pain, proper care, socialization, training, grooming, and a devoted owner. 
    7. I will be certain that my brood bitch receives proper care, especially during pregnancy and whelping, and that my stud dog’s good health is maintained at all times. 
    8. I will provide proper veterinary care to all my puppies from whelping until placement with a permanent owner. 
    9. I will provide my puppies with as much human contact as possible to ensure proper socialization to people. 
    10. I will provide advice, guidance and information to the owners of my puppy/dog throughout the life of that animal. I understand I have a life-long responsibility for any puppy/dog I have bred and sold or placed. If the puppy/dog comes into the PWDCA Rescue and Relocation program I will reclaim the puppy/dog or I agree to abide by the current PWDCA Rescue and Relocation requirements. 
    11. I will remain current on all health issues involving the breed and will participate in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Health and Litter Database by submitting all relevant health and litter data including changes for all dogs which I own or co-own. 
    12. All of the litters, which I have bred or co-bred, have been listed with the PWDCA Health and Litter Database. All litter and puppy records for the current year of this agreement will be entered into the PWDCA Health and Litter Database (HLD) by 6 months after a litter is whelped. It will include the name of the sire and dam, date whelped, and number of puppies and their sexes, colors and coat types and AKC registered names and numbers. I agree to review these listings periodically and to forward any changes, and I understand that the Breeder Referral Coordinator will confirm compliance of the entry of my litters in the HLD. 
    13. I will follow best practices and microchip/tattoo any puppy I have bred or any older dog that I place. 
    14. I understand the PWDCNC requests that I provide to the Club the names/addresses of the owners of my puppies/dogs. The PWDCNC makes this request in order to send information on becoming a Club member to new puppy owners. Breeders are strongly encouraged to offer puppy buyers who live in Northern California a complimentary PWDCNC membership. 
    15. I will provide to anyone who obtains a puppy/dog from me the name and address of the PWDCNC and PWDCA, Inc. Corresponding Secretary as well as the website addresses for each club, so they may contact the clubs, if they so choose, and I will encourage them to participate in the PWDCA Health and Litter Database. 
    16. I agree that eligibility to participate in the PWDCNC Breeder Referral List is limited to voting members of the PWDCNC. 
    17. I am a member in good standing of the PWDCA and in good standing with AKC. I understand I will be removed immediately from the Breeder’s Referral List if I am suspended or expelled by the AKC or PWDCA for any reason. Upon reinstatement by the AKC and PWDCA, I can reapply to the PWDCNC Board for reinstatement to the Breeder’s Referral List. 

    I further understand that if the PWDCA, Inc. or PWDCNC, Inc. receives a formal complaint about my actions as a participant in the Breeder Referral Program, a formal inquiry may result. If I am found in violation of any part of this Breeder Agreement, I may be removed from the Breeder Referral Program for a period of time. 


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