It’s Time to Renew Your PWDCNC Membership!!


Welcome to the PWDCNC renewal page. As a club, we’re making it as simple as possible to renew your membership. Just follow the simple directions below. Thank you and have a wonderful year with your PWDs! If you have any questions or need assistance with the application or payment, please contact Debbie Price at [email protected].

The deadline for renewal is April 30, 2023. Members who have not renewed by that date will be considered as new Associate Members with all current membership rules at such time as their dues are received. The form below is for renewals only. For New Associate membership, New Junior membership, and to apply to change from Associate Membership to Regular Membership please go to the General Membership page .

Associate members who have been members for at least 1 year and are in good standing are encouraged to upgrade their Associate membership to Regular membership.

Help us go Green–Renew Online, It’s Easy!

  • Complete the short form below and include your credit card information. When you are finished, please click, “Pay Now” and the form will be finalized and a receipt will be sent to you promptly.