Rescue & Relocation

The primary responsibility of the Rescue & Relocation Program is to help all PWD’s that are in need of a new home. We have had PWD’s that have been found in shelters, turned in by owners, advertised for sale in a local paper, and found wandering the streets with no identification. We make every effort to find out who the breeder is, but many times this is not a possibility. When we can determine the breeder, we will inform him/her and expect them to either take the dog back, or to help with the expenses we incur in placing the dog. When the breeder is not known, then we will take full responsibility for the dog, and do our best to place it in a suitable new home. We will spay/neuter if necessary, as no dog will be placed through rescue unless this is done. We will also have a health checkup on the dog, and bring all shots up to date if necessary.

The secondary responsibility of the Rescue & Relocation Program is to help owners who are having problems with their dogs. There are many times when we get calls from owners that do not want to give up on their dog, but are having a problem and don’t know where else to turn. If Rescue can help these owners, then we feel we have helped to prevent a dog from being turned over to our Rescue program.

We will follow up on all dogs to insure that the placement is working out, and will take back any dog that the new owner is not happy with.

If any club member is aware of a dog that is in need of rescue, they should advise the owner to contact their breeder, if possible. This should be done before Rescue is contacted. If contacting the breeder is not a possibility, or if the breeder declines to help, or cannot help, then Rescue should be contacted.

Helpful Information

PWDCA National Rescue Coordinator, West |  Diana Bailey | [email protected] | 877-328-PWDS (7937)

PWDCNC Contact Person is Sue Nelson  |  Email: [email protected]  OR Phone: 510.235-1376

Adopt a PWD

Adopt a PWD through the Rescue program

If you are interested in adopting a Portuguese Water Dog from the PWDCA Rescue, download and complete the application and return it to Sue Nelson
Adopt a PWD