Rescue Donation Need!

PWDCA Rescue has always been grateful for the ongoing generous support of the PWD Community. However, very recently, PWDCA Rescue has encountered a very unusual rescue situation involving at least 10 PWDS (9 adults and one puppy) who are all starved and in poor health. We need to provide heartworm treatments, medical care, dental care, vaccinations, spay and neuter and basic training before these dogs of various ages will be ready for adoption. We are very blessed to have committed and generous foster families who have stepped forward at Christmas for each of our rescued PWDs but we are going to run short of funds to cover the expenses for their care. We estimate that the average expense for each rescued PWD will be around $2300 before they are ready for placement. This doesn’t account for unanticipated needs.

In this season of giving, we ask for donations to help with the cost of their care. Please see our PWDCA Rescue Donation Page: to make a donation.
Please know that PWDCA Rescue has taken the appropriate administrative steps to deal with the situation and ask that comments regarding the circumstances of the rescue be avoided.

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