Submit your PWDs’ info to be included in the
2020 Performance/Water Issue of the PWDCA Courier Magazine

All info/photos due 3/30/2020

Here’s your chance! The PWDCNC wants to help you celebrate your PWD’s 2019 achievements by featuring them in the award-winning Courier magazine, the PWDCA’s fabulous quarterly publication. This particular issue is the Courier’s Performance/Water Work Issue.

This opportunity is open to all current PWDCNC members (don’t forget to renew that membership pronto!) whose PWD(s) have earned a title:

  • New Performance Titles – Include your PWD’s 2019 titles earned in conformation, water, obedience, agility, rally, scent work/nose work, tracking and/or other nationally recognized performance events. Just fill the form out completely and email it to Elaine Rasmussen at [email protected] by 3/30/2020 and your PWD will listed in this feature. Last year’s feature is at right. We will need all your PWD’s current titles, new titles, owner information, etc.
  • New Water Titles – This two page spread honors those member PWDs who have earned a water title at any 2019 PWDCA sanctioned water trial (includes Junior Water Dogs). Please fill the form out completely and include a photo of your PWD doing water work. Last year’s feature is at right. If you do not include a photo with your form, your PWD will automatically be listed with his/or her titles as we did last year.

We can’t wait on your photos, so please order them ASAP so that your PWD’s gorgeous self is included!
If you have any questions or problems with the submission form (Word document), please don’t hesitate to contact Elaine at [email protected]. Becky Morin has forwarded me those title submissions she’s received, but if you’re in doubt as to whether you submitted everything, please either fill out the form or feel free to contact Elaine to confirm. Don’t forget to include a water work photo if your dog earned a water title summer 2019!

If you would like the submission form, please contact Elaine Rasmussen at [email protected]. Becky Morin has forwarded to Elaine those title submissions she has received, but if you’re in doubt as to whether you submitted everything, please contact Elaine to confirm.

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