AKC Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog.

If you already have the CGC or perhaps are looking for something different? AKC now offers Trick Dog titles. Trick Dog Novice consists of completing 10 tricks (only 5 if your dog has its CGC title).

For a list of tricks from which to choose, check out this page.

Our Evaluator will be reviewing entries for Trick Dog Novice and Trick Dog Intermediate. Please review the appropriate tricks for the title for which you will compete.

Need some help training the tricks? AKC has videos to help!

Please note – the cost shown is for the evaluation of your dog’s performance. In order to receive the Trick Dog AKC title, you will need to complete the form provided by the evaluator and send (or scan and email) with processing payment ($25) to the AKC. The AKC will then send you a certificate indicating the new title which may be added to your dog’s registered name and will be recorded in AKC records.

The cost is $20 per dog/per trick title. Please go to the Order Form below and complete your entry to try for a Trick Dog Title. For additional information & questions, please contact Kathy Souza  530-219-3065 [email protected]