Instructions for Breeder Puppy Membership Applications ONLY

We’ve streamlined this process to encourage all PWDCNC member-breeders to provide a free year’s membership to your new puppy owners. Here’s what to do:

  1. Email or mail (address below) a scanned copy of your AKC Litter Record (see below – be sure to add the puppies’ call names) to Membership Chair
  2. Pay for your litter’s memberships
  • $25 — Litter of Three or More Puppies
  • $20 — Litter of Two Puppies
  • $10 — Litter of One Puppy

If you prefer to send your documents by mail, please make check payable to PWDCNC, and mail to:

Debbie Price
PO Box 895
Genoa NV  89411

BREEDER ONLY Associate Membership Application-

For breeders to apply for Associate Membership for their new puppy owners.

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