Another Successful Water Trial!


The 2015 PWDCNC water trial is now in the books. Once again 2 trials were offered over the weekend with 2 rings running each day at our usual location in Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, Pleasanton, CA. Our wonderful judges were Tammy Etscheidt, Iowa, and Frank Cardillino, Maryland. Each team, whether new or well experienced, found our judges to be incredibly supportive, cheering for each success and encouraging for those not-quite-yet moments.

This year’s theme was “Just Add Water”. Of course we expected to have low levels of water challenging both ring setup and performance of the exercises. To our total surprise the level of the water rose steadily over the weeks of water practice until we almost didn’t have enough beach to meet specifications! We sure weren’t complaining!

The temperatures soared into the low 100’s presenting problems keeping competitors, both human and canine, cool. Frequent breaks to get the dogs in the lake and a bathing station with cool water helped considerably.

Special thanks go out to our incredible Trial Secretary Barb Avila, Equipment Chair Carl Craig and his crew, Chief Steward Judy Berger, Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Simmons, Hospitality Chair PinPin Wong and Trial Co-Chair George Ziemba! Thank you to everyone who stewarded, rowed, checked in equipment, helped with setup and/or tear down and all those other ever so important tasks which make our trial successful! And thank you to a number of members who were not competing but braved the heat to watch, cheer on the teams and stay to help!

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